WATCH THE WORLD MAP (WWM). The world has over 4,000 national parks and so may protect areas. These national parks play an important role in the scientific, educational, economic, and recreational activities of many countries. In 1872, the first national park, yellow stone, was founded in the United States. Thirty years later, the sable game reserve, later called the Kruger national park, was established in south Africa since 1925, when the Albert national park was founded in the Congo (now democratic republic of Congo), the movement has spread until now the land surface of the world are plentifully dotted with parks and nature reserves.

The movement toward conservation led to the formation of the conservation of nature (IUCN). Numerous visits to national parks on all continents around the world provide people of all races the advantages of personal experiences in leading and understanding the world and its people at large. Read more here...

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mount kilamanjaro

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